What if we stopped promoting good “digital citizenship” and just helped students be good citizens? Do we need to keep these two worlds separate anymore? Many of our students, and many of us, live in a world where connectedness is an afterthought.

We see people being fired, disciplined, even arrested for their inappropriate interactions online. There is little separation now from what we do online and what we do walking down the street.

Why do we continue to perpetuate this dichotomy? I understand that there are varying levels of adoption and integration of technology in our lives and classrooms. But if we continue to keep them separate, will we ever reach a point where life is life and their is no more mention of “the real world”? We all share this planet. We all share this moment in time, but for whatever reason we continue to compartmentalize this life and this world because somehow that makes it easier.

There is only one of me (thank your lucky stars). What I say and share online are things that I would share and say to any of you at dinner or on the phone. We need to come to terms with the evolution of human interaction and what it means to be “responsible” when we engage in these new spaces.