I’m a believer (to a degree) that you get out of life or school or your job or a movie or a cheeseburger what you put into it. While I haven’t enjoyed my current online learning experience, I also haven’t made much of an effort to make it any more meaningful.

I found myself last week upset because I was given 3.75/4 on that week’s discussion. Apparently I didn’t use enough of that week’s reading in my original post — which in my mind is the professor’s way of assessing whether or not we did that week’s reading. I guess I deserved the mark because (1) I didn’t include a lot of the reading in my post, and (2) I didn’t do all my reading. What bothered me the most about the loss of a quarter of a point was that fact that I got worked up about losing a quarter of a point.

I had got sucked back into the game. I thought I was over it. Finishing high school for me was like finishing a game of Jumanji. Despite being a good student I had realized that it was a game and that in order to survive I had to play the game until it was over. But like Bonnie Hunt’s character in the movie Jumanji, I found myself sucked back into the game that I thought I had escaped so many years ago.

Anyway…back to my opener. So this week I made sure to read, but also start a thread that moved the conversation in a direction that was less expected. While my comments this week were very typical of the mandatory “comment on at least two other threads" comments, I’m hoping that I can get a few others to start pushing each other’s thinking.

We’ll see how it goes.