What happens when you feel like you just can't keep up anymore?

I am at a point in my professional life that I just can't keep up with everyone else. Twitter is alive. All the #educhats are giving birth to more #educhats and everyone has a podcast now. And I'm not even going to get into who blogs.

Not too long ago you would have found me in the thick of all this. I had a pseudo-blog, a healthy stream of tweets, and I was excited about it all. But now, I can barely find time to bathe.

How do people keep up with it all? Is it my priorities? Have the opportunity costs changed, or is more about diminishing returns? I'm also just worn out. Already. But my lack of participation and contribution to everyone else's PLN has been on decline for some time.

Has your participation changed drastically as of late? Have you noticed a gradual change (+/-) at least?

I'm still around. I'm trying this blogging thing a bit. Again. I'm just not present like I used to be. I'm still not sure why.