What if we asked our students to ONLY use their devices to record, tag, and share the inspiration they find around them?

Mark Yaeger (seen above) is a Hollywood composer. He uses Evernote to capture his ideas as they happen. Click on the picture to read the original article.

I’m not saying we have to put Evernote in the hands of every student. I’m not advocating for any device or app in particular. Heck, give kids one of those old spiral notepads and a sharp pencil. Whatever it is, it can be used to record, tag, and share. How much more useful would those devices be?

What would this do to your classroom culture? What would your students begin to record and share? How would they organize (tag) their inspirations and observations? What might this lead to in your school?

Encourage your students to love their ideas. Encourage your students to keep them and share them. My mind is buzzing with all the possibilities of a classroom that encouraged this sort of behavior.

What if you did this?