Win probably isn't the right word to use here, but let me explain where I'm coming from before you jump all over me about using the word win in a post about education.

During a discussion I had with several of my friends the other day someone said, "You can't win if it's only about you." The reference was apropos for the discussion. The line was in reference to what happens to athletes that let their egos surpass their talent and athleticism. But the intent wasn't to criticize any particular athlete. It was to interject a bit of reality of what happens to those who lose focus of why we do what we do (as educators) and begin to focus on other things.

But at the same time, I struggle to write or share any advice that does not seem hypocritical in nature. Humility must be lived, and often cannot be penned. I cannot urge others to aspire to greatness through selflessness and service while touting all the ways that I have been given the opportunities I have through the work that I have done.

Many of us are in education because of our selfless natures and desires to serve others. And when that service becomes diluted with the aspirations of praise and recognition we lose sight of those selfless desires.

Just do good. The rest will follow.